Monday - Friday

Redeye Radio: Midnight-5am

This Morning with Gordon Deal: 5am-6am

The Wake-Up Call with Grant Carey: 6am-9am

Glenn Beck: 9am-11am

Rush Limbaugh: 11am-2pm

Dave Elswick: 2pm-6pm

Sean Hannity: 6pm-9pm

Mark Levin: 9pm-Midnight



America Tonight: Midnight-3am

Talk Radio Countdown: 3am-6am

Good Day: 6am-7am

This Weekend with Gordon Deal: 7am-8am

At Home w/ Gary Sullivan: 8am-11am

The Weekend: 11am-2pm

Leo Laporte "The Tech Guy": 2pm-5pm

Home Talk: 5pm-6pm

Free Talk Live: 6pm-8pm

The Baldwin/McCullough Show: 8pm-10pm

Amerika Now: 10pm-Midnight



Amerika Now: Midnight-1am

Erskine Overnight: 1am-3am

The Paracast: 3am-5am

The Paul Parent Garden Show: 5am-7am

This Weekend with Gordon Deal: 7am-8am

The Kensett Church of God Program: 8am-8:30am

At Home w/ Gary Sullivan: 8:30am-11am

Searcy First United Methodist Church Service: 11am-12noon

Main Street Church of Christ: 12noon-1pm

Gun Talk w/ Tom Gresham: 1pm-4pm

The Alex Jones Show: 4pm-6pm

Free Talk Live: 6pm-9pm

The Steve Sanchez Show: 9pm-Midnight



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